Raising the standard of healthcare and education in Eastern Europe, particularly Romania

Lesson taking place in a CSEF upgraded classroom

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Special needs children

Some 400 deaf children at Schools for the Deaf Nos. 1 (Romanian) & 2 (Hungarian) and the Special Professional (Vocational) School in Cluj-Napoca, Romania have been given hearing aids. In addition, some 750 vision checks have been carried out on Romanian deaf children and, so far, over 120 pairs of reading glasses have been purchased.

In 1998, an ear-mould laboratory was established at the School No. 1, followed by a hearing aid repair workshop, both run by trained Romanian technicians. Libraries were set up at Schools for the Deaf Nos. 1 & 2 and large numbers of educational books provided in the appropriate languages.

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Books and iPad Mini used for holiday study for selected pupils
Special needs pupils about to to go shopping for food at the market
Buying food in the market
Life skills - preparing a meal
Cooking lesson
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Dinner is served
Upgraded reception class
Several of the classrooms have scene cupboards
Open scene cupboard ready for role-play
Pumpkin House in the CSEF upgraded kindergarten residence

A comprehensive programme of classroom upgrading was initiated. Three classrooms were completed at School No. 1 in 2003. Over 800 items of equipment were supplied in 250 categories. The classroom upgrades have continued unabated. Fourteen classrooms at School No. 2 have now been modernised, together with a kindergarten (educational and living areas), life skills room and hallways. You can view before and after pictures HERE

Seven areas have been upgraded for the Transylvanian Autism Association in Cluj-Napoca. This includes a classroom, two sensory rooms and a hall modernised in 2013.

Very large quantities of educational materials, tailored to the requirements of the special needs children, have been designed and produced by the CSEF. The materials include twelve book-bags and seven activity boxes, containing over 200 lesson notes. Some 450 educational posters (A3, 20’’ x 30’’ and A0) were designed, translated and are being printed. More recently, we have embarked on a project to design and produce interactive PowerPoint programs for use on two touchscreen computers. The first set of 32 programs has been written.

CSEF produced bookbag
Interactive touchscreen computer terminal
Hearing check
Soft play area
Kindergarten pupils
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Updgraded kindergartern residence
CSEF upgraded kindergarten
Climbing frame in the kindergarten
Kindergarten class