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Mara, a young, talented girl with Asperger's Syndrome

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The Transylvanian Autism Association

The Transylvanian Autism Association is in Cluj-Napoca, Romania and is run by parents who have children with autism. For seven years the Association has provided therapy to many Romanian children with early diagnosis of the condition. Currently there are 45 children and young adults undergoing therapy and help with integration into mainstream kindergartens and schools. In September 2013 the Association opened the first Romanian school dedicated to these children. The school currently has 25 pupils from the Cluj area.

The Association is housed in a building owned by the UK group Christian Community Ministries. Some of the rooms in the three-storey building have basic decoration and are in regular use. Although the classrooms and therapy rooms are functional at a basic level, these are far from ideal and need upgrading to modern standards. In September, 2013 the CSEF started a programme of room upgrades for the Association and refurbished one classroom, two sensory rooms and a small corridor.

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The Transylvanian Autism Association
Two children play together at the TAA
The TAA Building
TAA sensory room
TAA room after CSEF upgrade
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Upgraded sensory room
Educational posters from the CSEF
Upgraded hallway
Mara plays the piano
Multisensory toys for children with autism

For these very vulnerable children to achieve their full potential it is essential that they receive dedicated support in the right environment using modern educational materials. To these ends, the CSEF plans to upgrade over the next couple of years the six remaining classrooms and six specialist rooms for these children. The CSEF has the experience, expertise and professional support to do this and also to enhance their stocks of teaching materials.


Taking into account site preparation, electrical work, labour costs, furniture and educational materials, the upgrade to one classroom will cost £5,960. A similar upgrade to one therapy room will require £4,420.

Can you help us complete these rooms at the Transylvanian Autism Association to give these children a better chance in life?