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Education Awards

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The Laurie Whelan Education Awards

Laurie Whelan

These awards were established in 2015 to honour the memory of Laurie Whelan, who was a long-serving trustee of the CSEF. The awards allow selected Romanian healthcare professionals to travel to the UK for short-term vocational training. The support enables them to visit institutions and individuals associated with their profession to gain valuable practical knowledge and experience. Initially the awards will be given to qualified clinicians working in primary healthcare.

The main aims of the awards are to develop and to enhance healthcare in Romania. The initiative encourages Romanian healthcare professionals to advance their knowledge and skills, particularly those at the start of their careers.

Each recipient will be awarded a grant of £500-£750 towards their airfare and UK travel costs, accommodation and subsistence expenses during a short-term visit to the UK. We need to raise annually at least £1,500. The CSEF proposes to run the scheme initially for five years, after which the project will be reassessed. Consequently, we must raise at least £7,500 for the awards.

The first two recipients of the awards visited London for vocational training during November, 2015.